BERG Champion Flatground Trampolines

BERG Champion at Flatground Trampolines Ireland

If you’re considering purchasing a sunken trampoline to seamlessly incorporate into your garden, we highly recommend the BERG FlatGround trampoline. Its key advantage is that it sits completely level with the ground, making it virtually undetectable in your yard. Additionally, entering the sunken trampoline is a breeze. If you’re seeking a sunken trampoline option (either FlatGround or InGround), BERG offers a wide range of choices.

In addition to FlatGround trampolines, we also provide InGround trampolines in various sizes and shapes. The primary difference between the two is that the frame of a FlatGround trampoline is buried in the ground as well, eliminating the need for a step and ensuring that it remains inconspicuous in your garden. With our selection, you’ve come to the right place for a safe trampoline for both children and adults.

BERG Champion Flatground Trampoline Size Options

ROUND: Only available as a Sports Model ie without a safety net

  • 330cm/ 11ft
  • 380cm/ 12,5ft
  • 430cm/ 14ft

ULTIM – RECTANGULAR: available with or without a safety net. Safety net options – (a) Deluxe Safety Net, (b) Deluxe XL Safety Net.

  • 200x200cm/ 6,5ftx6,5ft
  • 330x220cm/ 7x11ft
  • 410×250/ 8x13ft
  • 500x300cm/ 16x10ft


  • green,
  • grey
  • black