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Why Kids & Parents Love Flatground Trampolines?


1. Flush with your Lawn - Flatground trampolines are level with or flush with your lawn or grass,

2. Blends into your garden - because the trampoline frame is sunk into the ground, the trampoline integrates perfectly with your garden,

3. Beautiful aesthetics - again because the trampoline structure is hidden in the ground and the only visible parts are the jump mat and padding, garden-proud parents in particular love the flatground.


1. looks fantastic - often less concerned with your garden's aesthetics, kids still know when something looks really good

2. quick and easy to access - no steps

3. amazing bounce and performance - as high-performance trampolines, flatground models deliver in spades when it comes to bounce and enjoyability.

How to Install Your Flatground Trampoline

Why Flatground Trampolines?

As you may know, trampolining is a fantastic activity that helps adults stay trim and healthy, and gives kids endless hours of fun in the boundless outdoors.

But what is so special about a flatground trampoline?

FlatGround  trampolines blend seemlessly into your garden because the sturdy frame of this trampoline is entirely sunk into the ground.

All that you see are the protective edge and the jumping mat.

You can make nice light jumps on flatground trampolines and the special noise-reducing straps allow the air underneath the trampoline to escape and the protective edge will not rattle against the jumping mat.

Flatground trampolines are the perfect addition to even the most manicured gardens because of the way that they are beautifully concealed in the garden, making it very easy to step onto.


What is a Flatground trampoline?

Flatground Trampolines are placed below to surface of the ground with the jump mat level with your lawn.

Do you need a net on a sunken trampoline?

Sunken trampolines look great, they're level with the ground and are available with or without a safety net. Generally, the younger your kids are the more a safety net is recommended, when your kids are older often people buy models with out a net.

Can I put a normal trampoline in the ground?

You'll need to dig deeper and vertically to allow for the height of the trampoline, and there is a real risk that soil will fall away over time into the hole meaning your kids could hit the bottom while bouncing, and also a gap will appear around the edge of the frame where little feet could get trapped.

Are sunken trampolines safer?

In-ground trampolines are generally safer than normal trampolines because they're flush-to-the-ground not raised above the ground accessed by a ladder. Parents have peace of mind when they let their kids loose on an in-ground trampoline.