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BERG Flatground Update for 2022

As you may know, BERG is one of the main brands in the flatground trampoline marketplace, and enjoy a reputation for durability and performance.

Such has been the demand for their flatground trampolines that they have significantly increased the scope of their flat ground trampoline offering that will now comprise.

NEW Ultim Champion Flatground Models:

  • Ultim Champion FlatGround 200,
  • Ultim Champion FlatGround 330
  • Ultim Champion FlatGround 330

Also, with a close eye on where the space is going BERG is pleased to announce the BERG Ultim Pro Bouncer earns a deserving spotlight, developed by and for "Jump Scene" (freestyle trampoline jumping).

The Pro Bouncer is equipped with -

  • Airflow Pro and
  • TwinSpring Pro

designed to produce an even higher jumping experience. The cool graphics make this extreme trampoline a real winner!

BERG Ultim Pro Bouncer FlatGround 500


BERG Ultim Pro Bouncer FlatGround 500 -

with or without Aerowall stunt walls and DLX XL safety nets.

And finally, BERG will be releasing their trampoline basketball hoops.

The new BERG Basketball TwinHoop, compatible with all BERG safety nets, comes with 2 basketballs and 2 hoops ensures double the active play!

 Its sure to be an exciting year, stay in touch!